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A small-sized towing truck with a branding reading as ‘Flynn’s Towing 24Hr Service

Flat-deck Towing Services

Towing Service in Grande Prairie and Valleyview

Based in Grande Prairie, Flynn’s Towing & Recovery Ltd provides towing with flat-deck units to get your vehicle completely off the ground when damage makes it undriveable. With our reliable flat-deck towing service, we’re committed to making sure you can avoid further damage to your vehicle. Along with satisfying insurance companies and repair shops by getting your vehicle fully off the road, we also strive to give peace of mind to you, the vehicle owner!

Heavy Wrecker Service

In addition to flat-deck towing, we’re also available to serve the heavy wrecker needs of Grande Prairie and Valleyview.

We look forward to serving your towing needs promptly and efficiently. Talk to you soon!

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